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UQCS strives to hire quality professionals whose goal is to provide excellent service.

Quality Management and Training Director

Developing, revising and implementing the agency’s quality improvement/quality assurance plan.

Providing leadership and staffing for the quality management committee to review agency performance, adverse events, quality of care and personal outcomes.

Qualified Professional

Oversees Peer Support Services throughout the Triad area that include Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem areas.

Provides support for each peer support specialist and their clients during their times of transition.

Program Director

Oversees daily office needs as well as providing leadership to the Program Assistant.

Bill for rendered services through multiple insurance companies including Medicaid, Medicare and United Health Care.

Psychiatrist and Head of Medication Management Services

Psychiatrist and Head of Medication Management Services

Provides medical advise to those struggling with any mental health matter in their life.

Offers medication management to clients who are trying to improve their mental health.

Therapist, LCAS Outpatient Therapy and Diagnostic Assessment

Outpatient Therapy and Diagnostic Assessment

Provides assessments for Dr. Headen after meeting with each client to determine a diagnosis.

Provides therapy services to any client that requests the services in order to better their   mental health.

Qualified Professional, CSAC-I Head of our SAIOP and SACOT Services

Head of our SAIOP and SACOT Services

Runs and oversees UQCS Group Therapy classes and sessions throughout the week.

Provides support for those struggling with substance abuse matters.

Assistant to Dr. Headen

Assistant to Dr. Headen

Assist Dr. Headen in daily activities that are related to the patients that are seen throughout the day.

Process any paperwork that pertain to Dr. Headen and his clients such as medication requests and medical records.

Program Assistant

Provide customer support to clients who have any questions or concerns about United Quest Care Services.

Processes incoming calls from current or potential clients

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